It's on! The Red, White & Blue: America WHUT!? a Town Tour has officially begun!

Hidee, hidee, hiddee hey,
it's '1 for Wednesday!'
Well, hope you're all good out there. I'm on Day 4 of the 71 day Big Water Red, White & Blue: America WHUT!? a Town Tour around the country and it's been a whirlwind already. WHUT!?. Portland with a kick off party, Ashland, OR with a happy hour set, Chico, CA playing for the Guiness Book of World Records in their event of 30 days of continuous 24/7 live music and an evening outdoor show and then to San Rafael, CA to talk with the little ones to teach and learn and give and get some hugs. Find your passion folks and then give it your all. You can make your dreams come true. Hope to see you out there somewhere. This week's FREE download is 'The Life of a Clown' in honor of the little ones who need our love and guidance. Keep on keepin' on and know I send you love every day! Yep, even when you're reading this. Love you all.

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Upcoming Shows!

Big Water's
'Red, White & Blue:
America WHUT!? a Town Tour!'

4/25 River St Studios;
Portland, OR
4/26 Oberon's Tavern;
Ashland, OR
4/27 The Tackle Box;
Chico, CA
4/27 The End of Normal;
Chico, CA
4/28 Redeemer Preschool;
San Rafael, CA
4/29 Private Party;
Santa Cruz, CA
4/30 Birch Lane Elementary;
Davis, CA
4/30 Buckeye Lane;
Davis, CA
5/1 Incline Village High School;
Incline Village, NV
5/1 Glenshire Elementary;
Truckee, CA
5/6 The Hog Wallow;
Salt Lake City, UT
5/9 KAFM Radio Room;
Grand Junction, CO

Photo Pic of the Week!

Big Water went to school and got one big hug! Group juju is the best kind.

Song of the Week - FREE Download!

'The Life of a Clown'! Scary or funny clowns seem to get a bad rap.

U-Hi (3-5-3) of the Week!

Big young eyes. Thirsty for learning. Teach with love.

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