Dreams - Make 'em happen!

Wow! Hey!
No way!? Yes way!
It's '1 for Wednesday!'
Well, it sure is topsy turvy out there in the world. Whew! Think this, do that, go here, be this, don't do that, be afraid of them and on and on. We don't seem to get control over much these days, but I do know that I have control over me. My thoughts, attitude and behavior are all on me. So, feeling grateful and blessed, I'm off on the Dreamcicle to pedal my way to my dreams and just work on me being, me. And work on being the best me I can be. This week's FREE download 'Song of the Week' is 'Dreams Do Come True'. It takes a lot of hard work, action and perseverance to make a dream come true. May you work hard, act with determination, persevere and fly to heights you never thought of. Now that's dreaming! Sending you love, always!
Big Water

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Photo Pic of the Week!

The Dreamcicle in downtown P-town!

Song of the Week - FREE Download!

'Dreams Do Come True'- Make it happen!


U-Hi (3-5-3) of the Week!

Dreamcicle. Portland, Oregon. Dreaming big!


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Upcoming shows!!

Thursday, June 2
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Portland, OR
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Friday, June 17
Skyline Tavern
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Friday, July 1-4
FreedomFest 2016
Forks of Salmon, CA
Friday to Monday
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