'1 for Wednesday!' 3 years running!

Well, well, well,
It's a special day!
It's '1 for Wednesday!'
Today is the 3rd year anniversary of '1 for Wednesday!' That's right, 156 straight weeks of sending you love every Wednesday! I started this in 2013 and have not missed a week trying to put some love and music and energy and goodness out to the world and have you join me. I am deeply grateful for the love and support that comes back and keeps me doing what I do. Thanks to you all! WE can change the world and come together if we so choose. Please open your minds and open your hearts to truly be what is in our DNA, LOVE! Below are some snippets from the very first '1 for Wednesday!' I'm wishing you a wonderful week full of love and laughter and again say thank you for all the love and support over the years! I love you all!
Big Water
"April 24, 2013
Happy Wednesday! And yes, you guessed it, it’s Hump Day and ‘Won for Wednesday’! Yea, I know, ‘Won for Wednesday’? Well I have more things to share than just one, which means you ‘won’! So, I’m here to root you on in your week and share some news, music and more...
Here's a FREE download for you. This week it’s ‘You & Me, Us & We’ from my first album, ‘Look, Listen & Feel’. I hope you enjoy this beautiful song that is 19 years old and that holds my dream of all of us coming together and being better humans.
I’m sending a huge Big Water hug out to you to remind you that you are loved and are not alone out there in this big ol’ world. I see you. I feel you. I send you love and power and health and strength. Go baby, go.
Well, all I can say now is Yeeeeeehaw! Happy Hump Day! Go get your hump on! Oh yeah, and buy a ticket to the show or at least download a wonderful song. I hope you like the photo as well. So much love to you. Have a great rest of your week. See you next Wednesday!
Big Water"

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Big Water @ Kulak's Woodshed, N Hollywood

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'You & Me, Us & We' - Bring it in people!


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Three straight years. '1 for Wednesday!'. Woo hoo ha!


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