Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl!

A big, huge Happy '1 for Wednesday!' A big week for Big Water this week! Vinyl test pressings came in. WHUT!?. Am blown away. I've been dreaming about this since I was 4. Really great to watch the needle drop down and then hear all our hard work come out sounding beautiful! Tests were successfully approved and the final product should be here in a couple weeks! Wow! It's very gratifying to fulfill a life long dream and I am truly grateful. Enjoy the FREE download song of the week, 'I Hold On', all about hanging on to your dreams! Hang on people! Much love and make a great week!
Big Water

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This is the view inside Big Water Base Camp, Portland, Oregon! I'm plotting and planning and will be coming out and about to see y'all. Travel plans are being prepared! The 'America, what a town!' tour starts in April. Stops include: Portland, OR; No California; Grand Junction, CO to Columbus, OH and back.
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I'm proud to announce the release of my new album, WHUT!?. CDs are in and vinyl is on the way! Check out the WHUT!? page! Much love. Oh Yeah!

Photo Pic of the Week!

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl! Test pressing of WHUT!? spinning on the turntable baby!

Song of the Week!

'I Hold On' - a song about hanging on to your dreams!

U-Hi (3-5-3) of the Week!

Live your dream.  Work, study, practice.  
Be your dream!!

From Me to You!

Hi, Hi,
Hope your year has started with a bang. I'm excited about the coming year. I hope to be out and about over the Spring, Summer and Fall. The Ramblin' Bamblin' Rumblin' Bumblin' tour begins in April. Keep checking in on me. Thanks.
Love ya.
Big Water

WHUT!? vinyl has been ordered
and is coming in March!
The PRE- SALE is still on...
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Big Water Base Camp
820 N River St #111
Portland, OR 97227