Soaking up the Summer!

Wednesday! It's '1 for Wednesday!'
Greetings from the woods at the end of this July! This is my last week here at Missouri Bar for the Summer. It's 100 degrees and I have a great river to swim and cool off in.  Hope you're staying cool too. Not much to say this week except go big, live hard, love huge, make the world a better place. We're digging wells, moving dirt and building dreams. This week's FREE download is 'A Conversation With Self', a song about the internal dialogue we all have. This song starts with a sound byte from a commercial pile driver that was placing pilings for a new building in downtown Portland. Have a great week! Much love.
Big Water


Upcoming Shows!


8/9 River St Studios;
Portland, OR 

8/14 Portway Tavern;
Portland, OR

9/3 Burning Man;
Black Rock City, NV

Photo Pic of the Week!

Big Red and Lucy in the front yard at Missouri Bar

Song of the Week - FREE Download!

'A Conversation With Self' - an internal dialogue we all have.

U-Hi (3-5-3) of the Week!

Off the grid. Pay Attention Land! Building dreams!


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