LOVE to you!!

Hi All!
Happy Hump Day!
Happy '1 for Wednesday!'
Well this makes 81 straight weeks of sending you love. What to do now?
Send you more love of course! Hope you are fantastic and enjoying your Fall.
Big news this week! Vinyl has been ordered and will be arriving come early January! Woo hoo!! And the CD is coming too and will be here before year's end. Check it out at and order yours!
Much love, love, love to you!!
Photo pic of the week:  LOVE!

Check out the info for my new album! WHUT!?

Make a great week!

And in case you didn't hear, Big Water's 'In the Garden' cd is now on Pandora! Just go to and type in Big Water! Woo hoo!

Upcoming Shows!

Big Water Base Camp...

Big Water is proud to announce the
PRE-SALE of his new album, WHUT!?
The music has been sent for
mastering and sale info is here.
Check out the WHUT page!
Much love.
 Oh Yeah!

Team Human Shirts are here!!

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Big Water on Facebook

From Me to You!

Hello, hello!

Well, well, well, it looks like I'm a Dad.
I'm the proud father of 15 songs for my new album, WHUT!?

PRE-SALE is on.......
Am excited to share. Much love.


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