Dreams Do Come True!

Hi, ho, ho, hey!
It's '1 for Wednesday!
Yep, once again, it's time for an episode of a day in the life of Big Water, #187. It's 7:18 am PST. I'm here writing you from Pilot Farm on the side of Mt Ashland, Oregon. The day is a little foggy. Some snow flurries at 4500 ft. There's a slow breeze the flakes are sailing on. I have some coffee, have some Girl Scout Cookie. I acknowledge the day. I acknowledge myself. I acknowledge all of the world and more. And now, I'm writing you to say what UP? And to send you love and power and vision and passion and patience and lots of oxygen! The fog is lifting in my heart and I am dreaming the dream. And the dream is me, my life, who I am, what I do and most importantly, how I do it. So, this is how I do it.....I love you! You are incredibly powerful as a being full of love. Use your senses. Believe. Learn. Live. Love. Wishing you a great day!
Oh yeah, Big Water's Strawberry Sleigh Ride tour news/dates coming soon...end of January and early February, 2017! Need some holiday something special? Pick up some music at www.bigwater.cc/music. 4 albums and some vinyl! This week's FREE download of the week is 'Dreams Do Come True'. We are all living ours now. Jump on the Dream Train and take it to your dreams! Have a wonderful week! Much love.
Big Water

Check out the 3 theakademia.com awards from June! Best Blues Song, Best Country Song, Best live performance video for Folk! Woo hoo! 

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7:18 am, Pilot Farm, OR, 11/30/16

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'Dreams Do Come True' - All aboard the Dream Train....!

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Dare I dream? Purpose is not small. Step by step.

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Sat, Dec 17
Portway Tavern
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Big Water's Strawberry Sleigh Ride
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Kickoff show
Sat, Jan 21
Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
7 pm

Tues, Jan 24
Ashland, OR

Thurs, Jan 26
Crow's Nest
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More dates TBA...
Ashland, San Francisco, Tahoe, Reno.....

Closing show
Sat, Feb 11
Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
7 pm

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