Broadcasting today, LIVE from River St Studios!!

Episode #169
Whoa hey!
It's '1 for Wednesday!'
Well here we are right in the thick of Summer! This week's '1 for Wednesday!', I will be broadcasting LIVE from Big Water Base Camp at River St Studios in Portland, Oregon. Tune in to at 8 am and 5 pm PST! Yep, that's right, 2 shows! Just like Vegas, only not. Hope you can join me to start your day or catch me at the end for happy hour and we'll finish it strong. Much love to all of you out there. Please tune in if you can from your phone or computer or wherever you can get an internet connection and let's do this modern cyber thing! Looking forward to seeing you there! Big hug.
Big Water

Check out the 3 awards from last month! Best Blues Song, Best Country Song, Best live performance video for Folk! Woo hoo! 

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My front yard. River St Studios, Portland, OR

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Upcoming Shows!

It's heating up y'all!


Upcoming shows!!

Weds, July 27
LIVE from the Riviera Room
River St Studios
Portland, OR
8 am PST & 5 pm PST

Saturday, August 20
The Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
7-10 pm

Weds, August 31
Burning Man
Center Camp Stage
Black Rock City, NV
9 am

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