Des Moines, Iowa! Red, White & Blue: America WHUT!? a Town!

Skip dee dee! Skip dee day!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
It's '1 for Wednesday!'
Hope you're great! It's Day 32 on this 71 day road trip, Red, White & Blue: America WHUT!? a Town tour! Am in Des Moines, IA awaiting the heart transplant Big Red is having here at Stiver's Ford Dealership. New engine. If it was only that easy for humans too? Almost. Have been here a week and learned a lot this week. Had a killer parking lot show. Health, everything; yours, your family's, your stuff. Love, means even more.  All of us here together, being together, working together, loving together, learning together, PRICELESS! This week's FREE download is 'Rising Tides', a song of learning, awakening and faith. Much love to you all. Hope to be getting Big Red back and rolling today! Headed to parts east............

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Upcoming Shows!

Big Water's
'Red, White & Blue:
America WHUT!? a Town Tour!'

4/25 River St Studios;
Portland, OR
4/26 Oberon's Tavern;
Ashland, OR
4/27 The Tackle Box;
Chico, CA
4/27 The End of Normal;
Chico, CA
4/28 Redeemer Preschool;
San Rafael, CA
4/29 Private Party;
Santa Cruz, CA
4/30 Birch Lane Elementary;
Davis, CA
4/30 Buckeye Lane;
Davis, CA
5/1 Incline Village High School;
Incline Village, NV
5/1 Glenshire Elementary;
Truckee, CA
5/6 The Hog Wallow;
Salt Lake City, UT
5/9 KAFM Radio Room;
Grand Junction, CO
5/14 Mitchell Elementary;
Golden, CO
5/27 Scioto Darby Elementary;
Hilliard, OH
5/28 House Concert;
Dayton, OH
5/30 Benito's Restaurant;
Hilliard, OH
6/12 Union St Station;
Traverse City, MI
6/20 Saga Bar & Grill;
Eagan, MN

Photo Pic of the Week!

Rainbow over Lucy. Feeling blessed and grateful for everyday!

Song of the Week - FREE Download!

'Rising Tides' - A song of loving life, of learning, of awakening and faith.

U-Hi (3-5-3) of the Week!

Rainbow bends. Life moves all the time. Beautiful!

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