Back at TreeTop Studios...WHUT!?

Hi y'all.
Happy Hump Day!
Happy '1 for Wednesday!'
Am back at TreeTop Studios to put the final
touches on my new upcoming album, WHUT!?
Really looking forward to sharing this with everyone.
News and details to follow over the next few months.
Better get your record player out.
Much love. Enjoy the day!

Make a great week!

And in case you didn't hear, Big Water's 'In the Garden' cd is now on Pandora! Just go to and type in Big Water! Woo hoo!

Upcoming Shows!

Big Water Base Camp...

Big Water is announcing the
coming of his new album, WHUT!?
Release info soon!! Oh Yeah!

Team Human Shirts are here!!

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

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From Me to You!

Hello, hello!

I have embarked on a new journey. We have been working in the studio to record some music and see what comes out. Magic is happening........ The passage of time marks many things. Lessons taught, lessons learned, holding on and letting go. And LOVE is at the core of all of it. May you love, live, feel, breathe, laugh, cry and just be you. Love pours out of me to all of you all over the world. Wrapping my arms around the Earth and hugging sweetly. Hoping you enjoy and soak up the LOVE!


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