San Pancho Music Festival 2024!!

Woo hoo! The San Pancho Music Festival!
I am honored to play at this year's festival with my band, The Ride.
I'm getting the band back together and we are part of the 3 days, 27 acts fun of it all.
So excited to share some music! 

The new LOVE Rocks! book is here!

Get yours now!!

LOVE Rocks!
  • LOVE Rocks!

LOVE Rocks!

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This is my first book and a celebration of 30 years plus of making music and art! Shipping is included!!

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Hey yo! Question. How does one truly make a difference for the better in the world today? Everyone seems so all over the place. Well, I choose to share and spread positivity, solutions and LOVE! I recently came out with my first book, LOVE Rocks! It is a culmination of 30 plus years as a singer/songwriter/artist and more than 15 years of creating and sharing LOVE Rocks! art pieces. This book is absolutely beautiful and took me a year and a half to get it just how I wanted it. To me, the giving season is every day and I do my best to be true to who I am and what I say and do. If you are a LOVE sharer, pick up a copy of my new book and hopefully be inspired like I am to be LOVE every day. It is not easy and is a practice, but a wonderful solution to the crazy in our world. It takes a village, one moment at a time. Let LOVE be in your moments. Buy a book or don’t, but be big love. Be a great human and together we can change the world. The book is $40 and includes shipping. I send you love and hugs and good vibes daily. My hope is that you do that too! Peace out. 
Big Water


Big Water Music…



Here's a little video from the San Pancho Music Festival 2023!
Big Water & The Ride!


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